It’s bondage basics for luscious female recruits in this offbeat military-themed kink vid. Lovely Eurasian Alisha should know better than to raid the C.O.’s hooch stash. Caught in the act, she’s promptly de-pantsed, spanked, made to hold the commandant’s cigar in her tailpipe and then atone with a fine Cock sucking. Harsher treatment awaits hooded ”POW” Lulu at the hands of Ruka, who prods her with a truncheon, strips her and strings her up for some rude groping before tying her to a table for rude skull-nailing. Then it’s off to the infirmary with sleek, blond recruit Jasmine for a thorough physical, complete with an orgasmic response test using a string of vibrating balls, temperature reading from an oversized back scuttle thermometer, strapped-down suction-cupping applied to Jasmine’s bonkers, and rude speculum stretching fore and aft. Doc demands a bound Cock sucking in return for his services. Finale features brig inmate Angel bared and shackled to cell bars for a sound flogging and paddling that leave her weeping. Not even impressive handcuffed oral servitude wins her a reprieve from a naked night in the cell. Delectable cast, strong performances and steamy mix of BDSM and hard-core will make you stand up and salute.

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